Track Website By using Google Analytics

Hello Friends, I am publishing my first blog.This topic is invention for me and knowledgeable for you ūüôā

In this blog I am giving step by step details of how website tracking means how many visitors visits to our site,overall economic overview,Active users on Site etc..

Step 1] Log in Google Analytic site by using Google account.


Step 2] Then Click on Sign up for Google Analytics.

Step 3] Then click on Universal Analytics or Classic Analytics.

Step 4] Fill up all information means ,Account name,website Name,URL,etc. and Click on                         Get Tracking ID Button.

Step 5] Then you will get JavaScript file with their Tracking ID.


Step 6] Copy  above JavaScript  file and paste this code into every webpage you want to                          track.

Step 7] Then finally check reports it on your Google Analytics account :):):)




I think this will be useful in future to you all..

Make Sense !!!

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