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Hello Friends Welcome Once Again This is my second blog,This blog is regarding Extract order from

In This blog I am giving overview Information about Extracting Order from Amazon.

Overview of Extract order from

Basic conceptual Diagram:


Steps extract orders from and put into NopCommerce

1.1          Need to Login Amazon Seller central account.

1.2          Run application which extracts information from Amazon seller Central.

1.3          Following are the information which are getting from Amazon seller account:

  1. AmazonOrderID/Product Details: Amazon’s unique identifier for an order, which identifies the entire order regardless of the number of individual items in the order. Which also contain following details:

A] Merchant SKU

B] ASIN Number

C] Condition

  1. Order Date: The date the order was placed.
  2. OrderPostedDate: The date the buyer’s credit card was charged and order processing was completed.
  3. Billing Data: Container for billing information, broken into the following components.

a)    Buyer Email address

b)    Buyer Name

c)     Buyer Phone number

d)   Address

  1. Billing Country: It will Show Country of the Buyer.
  2. Quantity: It will show Quantity of the Products
  3. Price: It will display Price of the product.
  4. Fulfillment Channel:
  5. Shipping Service:
  6. Status: It will show Status as an unshipped, pending, shipped for product.
  7. Delivery date: It will display delivery date of the product.
  8. Action: It will show following actions,

A] Print packing slip

B] Confirm Shipment

C] Buy Shipping Service

D] Cancel Order

1.4          Information put into the NopCommerce Database.

1.5          Send Email to the Buyer.

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Samadhan Kshirsagar